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Adult Orthodontics

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Just because you're no longer in your teens, doesn't mean you have to live with a smile you don't like. Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if your gums and bone structure are healthy. Dr. Raborn is proud to offer a variety of orthodontic treatments that address cosmetic concerns and are designed for different age groups, from teenagers to adults.

Orthodontic treatment from the office of Timothy R Raborn, DDS in Baton Rouge, LA can help correct maloclusion, overbite, underbite, crossbite, deep bites, crooked teeth and other flaws of the jaw and teeth. With help from Dr. Raborn, you will receive the highest quality of orthodontic care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We offer a few different systems, including ceramic braces and transparent aligners that can be worn at night to improve mild cases of misaligned teeth.

Ceramic Braces (Tooth Colored Braces)

Clear ceramic braces are popular with adults and teenagers who want the results of braces without the look of metal. These clear braces are made from translucent material and deliver the same results as traditional braces, with a lower-profile look. Ceramic braces are also designed so that they will not stain or discolor over a long period of time.

Transparent Aligners

Transparent aligners consist of a series of clear, plastic aligners to gently move teeth into their proper position. Using advanced technology, these virtually invisible aligners comfortably address issues with spacing and crowding.

During your initial examination with Dr. Raborn, he will determine the best possible treatment for your individual needs. During your initial exam, Dr. Raborn will create a treatment plan, estimate how long treatment will take, and estimate how much it will cost. For more information about our adult orthodontic services, feel free to call us at 225-261-3360 today!